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Creating Home Sweet Home

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | October 9th, 2016

Regardless of time or place, perhaps one thing that unifies us is the desire to create our own Home Sweet Home.IMG_8355.JPG It’s one of the topics I was reflecting on recently when I visited the now ghost town of Rowley, Alberta.

I love a good road trip. With camera in hand, a recent stop in Rowley was well worth it. Now a ghost town, it was easy to capture images that tell the story of what went into creating Home Sweet Home in days gone by.

I could imagine sitting out on the front porch of what would have been a fine home in its prime. The property stylist in me couldn’t help but imagine what the space could be refurbished to look like now.

Back in Calgary, that inspiration fuels me as I learn to hang wallpaper and restore a 100 year old home.

To me, every space deserves to shine. Every space holds possibility to become someone’s Home Sweet Home. That belief fuels my work as a home staging professional.  

For every property, someone invested their creative energy to design and build it. Unless brand new, someone lived in it. Loved in it. Dreamed in it. Created memories in it.

Someone imagined, created, and lived their own Home Sweet Home in it.

That history deserves respect.

And in some romantic way, just like musing amongst the soul of that old ghost town, I think that’s what I do in my work as a Calgary stager.

It feels good and right to me to put a spotlight, with love and respect, on my clients’ homes ~ to make it easier for buyers to see themselves creating their own Home Sweet Home there. To allow each space to continue to serve its purpose.

I’m so grateful for Home Sweet Home!

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