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Love Your City Calgary

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | February 24th, 2016

1200px-The_Peace_Bridge_in_Calgary_an_HDR_photo.jpgBorn, raised, and still living in Calgary, some of my favourite Instagram accounts show scenes of my beloved home town. Nowadays people can live and work anywhere. As a professional home stager, I see a lot of people coming and going. What I believe is, you gotta love your city! It’s fuel for you to be your best.

One of my Instagram favourites featuring Calgary is YYC Today @yyctoday. It shows images of the city I love, taken by a variety of people in a range of places. And the best part is that anyone can be featured. So go ahead Calgarians. Love your city! Submit your own photo. #YYCtoday #loveyourcity #calgary

This photo of the Peace Bridge, for example, is so compelling. It makes my mind wander. Imagine getting drawn into the vortex and taken off to some faraway land. Where would you go?

I probably wouldn’t venture off too far actually. After all, I wouldn’t want to leave my kitties for too long. But I would definitely choose a place where I could take some great hikes.

Another fun one is YYC Living @yycliving. It’s great for finding out what’s going on around Calgary. Like this Surfset fitness class – minus the salt water. Kowabunga! YYC Living offers some fun giveaways too! Like this one: a paint and sip session (wouldn’t that be fun?).

Of course, I also hang out on Instagram. If you stop by, I invite you to leave comments and ask questions. You’ll find home staging information and tips on the Simply Stylish Staging website. But you might have a question that isn’t answered there. If so, I want to hear it!

Come follow me on Instagram @elysseb for glimpses of my own version of love your city, Calgary. I’ll chat with you there.