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Are you guilty of using these real estate code words?

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | July 27th, 2016

It has been said that every profession has its own language. With any language, there are images that come to mind in relation to words.home Staging calgary This is important to consider when selling property. Are you a Calgary realtor who uses real estate code words that might be working against you? Staging can help.

This topic came to mind after reading the book, Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House. In it, the authors share a “cheat sheet on agent-speak” that made me smile. The fact is, today’s buyers are becoming increasingly informed and sophisticated. As professionals in real estate, it’s to our benefit to treat them with respect.

Let’s face it; few properties are perfect, yet every property holds the possibility of being the right fit for someone. No trickery required. Here are some of the real estate code words that caught my attention as a home stager:

  • Classic: The authors suggest that what this really means is “dated”. With professional staging, that’s not how it has to feel to potential buyers. A stager can recommend some minor updates and then add more contemporary staging rental furniture to update the feel of the home while balancing the truly classic features that will appeal to the right buyer.


  • Cozy: Rather than “tiny”, what this could mean after staging is exactly what it says. Staged properly, a small space can have a comfortable homey feel to it yet still feel roomy enough to meet a buyer’s needs. It can feel like a nurturing space instead of constrictive.


  • Charming: AKA “strange quirks and a weird layout”. This may be the most beneficial time to seek support from a professional stager who can maximize the benefits of unique features (or distract if necessary by highlighting other features). Staging can help potential buyers to see how they can effectively use the space.

Real estate code words don’t have to work against you. Staging can create a positive first impression where the words actually represent how the property can feel.

Call or email me, Elysse at Simply Stylish Staging. A born and raised Calgarian, I proudly help Calgary realtors and their clients achieve their real estate goals through professional staging. Let’s chat about how I can match positive impressions with your real estate code words by staging listings that sell.