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Calgary Inner City Captures the Heart of this Hometown Professional Stager

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | October 29th, 2015


I’ve lived in Calgary my entire life and feel proud to call this great city my home. More specifically, the Calgary inner city holds a special connection to my youth. As   a small business owner, I get to share that heartfelt connection to help my fellow Calgarians by doing the work I love here.

 As a professional stager, I help realtors and home owners sell properties faster by highlighting features to stage a desired lifestyle so that buyers can more easily see the listing as their future home.

 Certain neighbourhoods in the Calgary inner city hold a special place in my heart which is why I love to spotlight properties there. Along with personal memories, you could say that I identify with the essence of these places; creative and a little quirky, friendly and casual, urban and natural, down to earth and practical, and a bit of light heartedness to top it off. 

 My heartfelt picks?

 In the northwest, Capitol Hill offers a clear reminder of Calgary’s history yet it is refreshed with a modern vibe to reflect the way that young professionals, couples, and small families want to live.

 North Haven, Brentwood, and Charleswood, also in northwest Calgary, offer natural beauty and recreation opportunities at Nose Hill Park, convenience, amenities, and a unique sense of community. These quieter, more family-oriented neighbourhoods are lovely places to call home.
 Bridgeland, in the northeast, is walkable to downtown Calgary which provides access to plenty of lively activities. At the same time, there’s a smaller town feel encouraged through quieter activities I love like a local farmer’s market, community garden, and plenty of green space.

 Are you living in a Calgary inner city neighbourhood (or know someone who is)? If it’s time to sell, I’d love for you to put this hometown girl to work for you!

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