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Much of a Home Stager’s Life involves the Car

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | July 20th, 2016

For a person who makes a living putting a spotlight on homes by staging them to sell, it’s sort of ironic that my car could pretty much be considered my Calgary Home Staging Companysecond home. I spend a lot of time in my car and it seems to always be filled with interesting things.

If you have seen my Instagram feed, you’ll know what I mean.




On any given day in this stager’s life, you’ll find me in the car grabbing a quick coffee in between clients. Or moving art and staging accessories (before staging and then de-staging after properties sold). Or carpooling with a fellow stager. Or joined by a curious furry friend who wanted to explore.

This part of a stager’s life is not as glamorous as people might imagine. For those of you considering a career as a professional home stager, it’s important to recognize that spending a lot of time in your car comes part and parcel with this line of work.  

Still, my car is where I usually enjoy moments of alone time when I can’t get out for a walk in nature.

I’ll sing. Or come up with creative ideas. Or just quietly enjoy the view. It’s funny how important it is that my car provides function and comfort, just like I want in my home.  

So keep your eyes peeled. If you see me as you’re driving the streets of Calgary, give me a wave and a smile.

In the meantime, come see more behind the scenes glimpses of this Calgary stager’s life and find out a little more about me on Instagram @elysseb. I’ll chat with you there (but not while I’m driving!).