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Home Styling New Construction Adds Life to a Blank Slate

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | January 14th, 2016

IMG_0502.JPGBefore most people step one foot inside the door of a property for sale, they view it online first. With rooms left empty, a newly built property’s photos might not inspire further exploration. That’s because there’s no emotional trigger. Add life to listing photos and draw buyers in by home styling new construction properties.

Professionally staging (or home styling) a vacant property maximizes its appeal to potential buyers. It does the work of telling the story that you, as the seller, want to tell about the lifestyle that’s possible in that space. That story, illustrated by strategically chosen and placed furnishings, art and accessories, creates an emotional trigger that connects the potential buyer to the home.

Think of it this way. Imagine you are in the kitchen staring down a freshly baked layer cake waiting to be iced (something I LOVE to do) for a special occasion.

Or, you’re sitting in front of your laptop looking at a blank Word document, waiting for the inspiration to bubble up before you can start writing.

Or, you’re standing in front of a blank canvas with your oil paints intending to create a powerful piece of art.

How easy would it be for you to create the picture from that blank slate: in effect, something from nothing?

It’s the same struggle for many people looking at empty rooms in a property listed for sale. So, in a way, home styling new construction is like icing the cake, writing the article, or painting the scene for the audience. As the seller, YOU do the creative work for the potential buyer.

Speaking of art, it’s that one piece of multi-colour art that we hung on the wall when we styled this new construction property in Strathmore, Alberta that inspired the staging colour palette for the open concept space. It’s subtle. And it helps breathe life into the space in a way that both appeals to, and makes sense for, the potential buyer’s ideal lifestyle.

Want to see more examples of the power of home styling new construction properties? Head on over to the Simply Stylish Staging Facebook page for more photos of the Calgary properties we have styled to sell.