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Should I paint all my walls white for staging?

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | September 14th, 2016

When it comes to staging your home or condo for sale, you might be inclined to take the advice of “go neutral” to an extreme.Calgary Staging Dining Room You don’t have to paint everything white or beige to sell. In some cases, colour can help to create impact in a way that appeals to your potential buyer.

The purple walls in this Mission Calgary condo we provided a staging consultation for may push the “neutral” boundaries. But, because the colour is used only in a specific area, flanked by light gray walls and anchored by a neutral gray floor in an open concept space, it isn’t overwhelming.

Adding art and accessories that tie the colour scheme together helps this space flow and make visual sense to the viewer while also creating impact. The use of colour in this way makes the space feel more homey and welcoming in what could easily have been left to feel too modern, cold, and sterile.

When empty, the new owners can quickly and easily paint the two walls a colour of their choosing if they wish and make it feel like their own home with little expense or hassle. Or, maybe they will discover that they actually love the colour and would have never taken the chance to try a hue outside their comfort zone.

So how do you know if your paint colour choice will work? Think of who your most likely buyers will be and the type of feel they might be looking for in the space (i.e. modern, funky, traditional, hip?). Ask your realtor. And consider seeking advice from an experienced staging professional whose staged properties have sold in your neighbourhood.

Got staging questions? Let’s chat more about how my home staging experience can help you sell your Calgary listing faster. Find out more and get in touch with Elysse at Simply Stylish Staging today.