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Staging a Vacant House on a Budget is Possible

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | June 8th, 2016

Calgary Bedding Vignette.jpg
You know that your client will be in a better position to sell his vacant property if it is staged. Yet he hesitates to do so because of the anticipated costs. As his realtor, you can assure your client that staging a vacant house on a budget is possible when the staging rental furniture is focused on key rooms.

This vacant Taradale Calgary property we staged is a perfect example of staging a vacant house on a budget. Listed below $300K, the owner didn’t want to “over-invest” to sell. Still, both the realtor and owner understood that staging could help to make the property feel more appealing to potenti

So we focused the staging budget on key rooms to furnish the combined living and dining room space (the first rooms you see when you walk in the front door) and the master bedroom.

In other rooms, we scaled back by simply adding a few accessories or pieces of art. While this does not give the potential buyer a full sense of the possibility of the space, it does add some life and change the feel of the rooms.
Calgary Home Staging After Living Room

This compromise approach works for both you and your client: The client is able to present their property in a more appealing way that highlights its features, and you can more easily sell a listing that appeals to potential buyers. In this way, staging a vacant house on a budget is not only possible, but it might be the best case scenario for everyone.