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What’s the Difference between Decorating and Staging?

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | February 21st, 2016

Calgary Home Staging CompanyIf you’re going to be selling your home, you may be wondering what the difference is between decorating and staging. The short answer is, who it’s for.

When you are preparing your house or condo to sell, it’s critical that you think in terms of marketing. The purpose of marketing is to attract and connect with your ideal potential buyer in a way that draws them in, addresses their wants and needs, and makes it easier for them to decide to buy.

That’s the job of the home stager. And it’s the main difference between decorating and staging a home.

A decorator or interior designer creates a space that appeals to, and reflects, YOU.

On the other hand, a professional home stager creates a space that appeals to, and sparks an emotional connection with, your IDEAL POTENTIAL BUYER.

It’s a significant difference to keep in mind when you want to prepare your listing for a faster sale because it requires a different skill set.

In terms of investment, decorating your home to suit your personality and lifestyle will likely cost more than staging the home to appeal to potential buyers. That’s because staging is used to address short term goals. That includes selling your home quickly, at the highest price possible, and to achieve that with the highest return on your investment.

A trusted home staging professional knows that her best results are based on how satisfied her clients are with the results, not necessarily in how pricey the package is that she sells to her client. After all, happy repeat clients and word of mouth referrals are extremely valuable.

Some listings won’t need larger investments for successful staging. On the other hand, if your property is currently vacant, proper staging should include furniture and accessory rental which will cost more.

Find your best option by discussing your situation and goals with various trained professionals in your area and get a feel for how they can help. Do their skills and results match your goals?

Want to chat more about the difference between decorating and staging and learn how I can help you when it’s time to sell your Calgary house or condo? I’d love to hear from you