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When it’s Time to Sell, Put a Property Staging Plan in Place

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | July 20th, 2016

When a home owner decides to sell, it’s unlikely that the decision is made and the sign is raised on the front lawn the next day.home Staging calgary There is a certain period of time required for preparation and to pull in all the professional resources required. For best results, I encourage sellers to have a staging plan in place.

As a Calgary home stager, I see time and again how investing a little extra effort and money to present your home at its best and make a positive first impression is well worth it.

That said, I also receive last minute calls asking if I can stage a property before the listing photos are taken the next day. This last minute panic is unnecessary AND the request is unrealistic.

Instead, your staging plan should be top of mind as soon as you are seriously considering selling.


Because real estate is likely your biggest investment and you want to create the best possible first impression to increase the likelihood of the absolute highest return on that investment.

It is therefore in your best interest as a seller to:

  • interview potential stagers early in the process to find your most comfortable fit.
  • allow the stager to connect with your realtor to get a solid understanding of your price point and who your most likely potential buyer will be so that she can stage accordingly.
  • have time to do renovations or updates, including basic tasks to freshen up like painting (an early consult with a stager can help guide you toward making changes that will offer the most return on your investment).
  • do a thorough clean before the stager arrives on staging day.
  • allow the stager to identify, book out (or purchase), and schedule delivery of key staging furniture pieces that will increase the perceived value of your listing.
  • allocate the time required by the stager to prepare your listing for professional photos to create a powerful first impression that draws buyers in.

Your real estate investment is a serious matter and it pays to take the proper staging seriously too. Don’t leave it until the last minute as an afterthought. Reach out to a professional stager early so you can put an ideal staging plan in place that helps you sell faster and frees you up to move on to your next home.

Let’s chat more about the staging plan you should put in place when it’s time to sell your Calgary house or condo. Find out more and get in touch with Elysse at Simply Stylish Staging today.