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How can I make the most of a large hallway?

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | October 23rd, 2016

When it’s time to sell, square footage matters. More specifically, it’s usable square footage that’s important.hallway before.jpg For those of you who have large hallways that might feel awkward and wasted, it just makes sense to stage them with a purpose for buyers.

Show buyers a specific function for the maximum use of space to help them show YOU the money.

This uniquely large upper hallway between bedrooms in a SW Calgary home we staged is a perfect example.

Before staging this large hallway, you could walk by, maybe grab a book and look out the window on your way to somewhere else. It was a bright and airy traffic zone, but a wasted opportunity in terms of usable space.

During staging, we removed the personal photos, re-located the bookcase, and created a quiet and cozy reading, coffee, or conversational area for two by the picture window.

After staging, potential buyers can easily see how to USE AND ENJOY this large hallway. Now it’s more than just a walkway, it’s a special feature and selling point. It creates an emotional trigger as buyers imagine themselves relaxing there. And it’s that anticipated pleasure that buyers will remember.

How else could you stage a large hallway?

Depending on where it is located and how large it is, consider a small office area, extra storage space, play zone, or craft area. Just make sure it looks tidy and                                                                                                    prettyhall after.jpg and still leaves plenty of space for easy movement. Do NOT make this a clutter zone!

So go ahead and look at your large hallway with fresh eyes and a bit of imagination. Keep the lifestyle of your potential buyers in mind. Identify a suitable function and then stage it!

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