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Storage Space is Significant When You are Staging to SELL

Blog by Elysse Bulloch | July 27th, 2016

Calgary Home Staging Company
Do you think about storage space when you are getting ready to sell your home or condo? Let me assure you that your potential buyers certainly will be as they walk through during a viewing. Here are some staging tips for avoiding the potential problem of buyers assuming that “there isn’t enough storage in this home”.


Overstuffed closets, cabinets, and drawers say one thing to buyers: There’s a lack of storage space in the home. You don’t have to clear them out completely, but it pays to significantly reduce the amount of items you keep hidden away behind closed doors when your property is listed for sale. Avoid overflow to create a sense of spaciousness.

Display Areas:

It is visually appealing to see empty space on open shelving and display areas. Just because there is plenty of storage space available on shelves, doesn’t mean that you have to completely fill it all. This office in a Mission condo that we provided a Staging Consultation for is a perfect example. The empty space, balanced with carefully selected items that are arranged to look organized, makes the potential buyer feel like there is more than enough storage space available.


What do you think your potential buyers will think when they see exercise equipment in the master bedroom? It may be convenient for you, but there’s a risk that it tells buyers that there isn’t enough space in the house to meet their lifestyle needs. In general, stage each room for one purpose (take a hint from how the space is described in the real estate property listing details) and store items accordingly.

Believe it or not, adequate storage space can be a make or break factor in the decision making process for some buyers. Be proactive and stage to sell with this in mind.

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